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Press Release TurningPoint Magazine SPRING 2019




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BECOME YOUR OWN HERO: WHO ARE YOU WAITING FOR?  6th issue of TurningPoint Magazine.  We are always looking outside of ourselves to find our hero, so this issue’s theme is to present a thought-provoking look at how we can become our own hero and what it takes, but also to suggest that once we find the hero inside of ourselves, we give others permission to search for theirs as well.  .

In this current issue we get an insight into the life of Carla Cooke, daughter of legendary Sam Cooke who shares about love, about music and her father.  We also have Lloyd G Williams the original singing voice of SHOUT from the hit movie ‘Animal House’ who also sang with Undisputed Truth; Joe Harris from legendary group Undisputed Truth gives a great insight into the history of the group and its message of truth.

We get a taster from Soul Legend Jimmy Thomas who once performed with Ike and Tina Turner (Jimmy will be performing at Boisdale in London on February 6th 2019.)  TurningPoint’s very own Mr TopHat Tony Jackson delights us with another Fine Dining Review, this time of CLos Maggiore Restaurant, Covent Garden in London; in ‘A Matter of Truth’ one of TurningPoint’s Contributors David Mills talks about Authentic Freedom.  We are then mesmerised by stunning photography by Randi Childs, an incredibly gifted New York Street Photographer whose images capture the essence of the human spirit; Karen Ruimy a woman with many labels, who turned her life around in one day and how she became her own hero; Ailsa Frank, poignantly shares about her mental and how this experience turned her life around.

Flair Won, a Barbadian in the UK, style guru, locs stylist one of the UK’s most eccentric, creative individuals talks conscious spirituality, music and shares his passion for everything creative.  Kwame McPherson, authentically talks about discovering his own hero through introspection and reflection.  Sistahintheraw gives some great tips on how to become Your Hero & Claim Your Self-Care Crown.


PRESS RELEASE: Press Release October Final 2018

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The theme of this issue is Champions of Change.  Here, you will find a wonderful potpourri of interviews and articles about the lives and experiences of ordinary people who chose to lead extra-ordinary lives.  Whilst at the same time,  using their experiences to make a stand, to inspire others and to create change in some way.   People who by taking the lead affected and influenced change, policy, mindsets etc

Champions of Change seemed an apt title because of the many challenges I've personally experienced of late and yet through it all, I have kept my focus, dug my heels in determined to use these experiences to become better, to do better and to reach out more into the lives of people with the message that 'It's not easy, but it's possible.'  Possible to become anything you want to become.  Possible to reach for your dreams and the stars.

Florence LaRue, Original remaining member of  legendary group The 5th Dimension gives a wonderfully inspiring interview about her passion her music, for humanity and how she is touching lives through her music.

Gregg Austin , Mo Town and More performs with his band 'Second Wind' recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award in Vegas.  Gregg shares about his journey and what it took to get to where he is today.  Old Skool values that has made him the success he is today.


EXCLUSIVE interview with John Wilson from Sly, Slick and Wicked was a powerful statement of Champions of Change where he shared about his experiences of racial intimidation by Police and yet how he used these experiences to create and build platforms of cohesive community based on the foundation of love and unity.

Inaya Day, a powerhouse of a woman, Progressive House Artist talks above Love, Her Latest Single and her take on Champions of Change.

Carrie Brown

Carrie Brown, Queen of Las Vegas Entertainment Capital of the World talks about Her Anti- Bullying Work and shares her incredible story of being bullied and contemplating suicide and who now champions for the rights of others.  A powerful story indeed.


Janie Bradford, Celebrated Songwriter and Motown Alumna talks about Purpose and the Heroes and Legends Sponsorship Awards - A woman whose humility and desire for others, transforms lives and offers young people the chance to follow their dreams, through her sponsorship program.


Karen Burke, who I consider an intrepid Life Adventurer and an inspiration of change talks about her passion to transform lives  and the work she does at The Mind Body, Therapy Centre in Stanstead Road, Forest Hill, London.

Tony Jazz, TurningPoint's Very own MrTopHat not only writes for the Fine Dining Section of the Magazine but also offers a range of Bespoke services.  In this issue we learn more about this eccentric and eloquent man who loves everything luxury and bespoke.


David Mills, Ahhh......I love how this man writes.  To the point, honest, sincere and always offering an alternative perspective about life and how we need to look and think outside the box in order to achieve different results.  In this issue David offers A Fresh Approach to Education: A Vision of the Future Beyond Schooling.

Mary Maycock, shares  poignantly, honestly and openly a very  reflective  take about 'Fighting to be Viewed as a Vital and Valuable Person, Despite having Terminal Cancer .' Beautifully written, this article made me think about how we value our lives because of our experiences.

Gwen Rose, a deep and powerful woman who was recently nominated for a Windrush Award for her services to nursing talks candidly about What it takes to be a change agent.  

Randi Childs, Street Photographer, New York - I met this dynamic woman in Times Square last month who took several images of me.  She is a unique photographer who captures people, their essence and their uniqueness in the most incredible way.  In this issue she shares some of her work.

Rebecca Weef Smith shares a very reflective and honest insight in her regular section in TurningPoint called PERSPECTIVES where she talks about how she learnt to Champion her own Change and how she has dealt with her own mental health struggles.   Rebecca is Editor of Goldie Magazine, a magazine celebrating ageing and carefree living. 





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In March 2018 Issue
The Virgin Money London Marathon - April 22nd 2018

Kathrine Switzer runs the marathon at 70
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