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Style is personal to each individual which therefore allows us to become the architects of how we look, with the potential to create our very own Unique Signature Style and look.  This affords you, the client ,the opportunity to make a personal stand for who you are as an individual, taking into account your personality and being creative and innovative with the concept of how you want to dress rather than conform to fashion trends.  Understanding, finding then creating your own style as an individual expression of who you are is a very powerful stance to take.

As a Bespoke Personal Stylist and Imaging Consultant, I support clients by holistically and creatively selectively looking at all the components that makes them unique as individuals.  We then go through a process of creating their own Unique Signature Style taking into consideration body shape and size, personality, colour scheme etc in order to creative a masterpiece which represents YOU. 

You also have the opportunity to work on your inner world so that you can shed patterns and behaviours, emotional wounding in order to fully embrace the whole of who you truly are.  I love what I do as a Stylist because it ties in nicely with my holistic concept of  The Path to Ageless Beauty which is so much more than creating a lifestyle of health, well-being, exercise, creativity and full-expression, its about living life beyond ones chronological years and living it well and full of vitality. (You can find out more about The Path to Ageless Beauty by Clicking here.)



  • Reclaim Your Personal Power by the way you choose to dress
  • Learn to feel fabulous over the age of 40 and own that feeling
  • Find the perfect fit for your figure and your soul
  • Create your Own Unique Signature Style based around who you are, your personality, your desires, habits, lifestyle etc
  • Find, Explore,  Enjoy and Appreciate a Freedom in the new you

If you want to stand out from the crowd to wear your own unique signature style then contact Esther Austin at for your Complimentary 45 minute introductory Consultation.

You will be sent a Lifestyle form to fill in with your details prior to your Consultation.

"Fashions Fade, Style is Eternal"
Yves St Laurent