Esther Interviews Tiny Tavares about new album ‘Love is Love’ out 1st June 2018

Thursday 31st May 2018, I had the pleasure of interviewing Tiny Tavares from the Legendary group Tavares.

Remember tunes such as 'It Only Takes a Minute Girl" or 'Heaven must be Missing an Angel.'  Well this is an album with three generations of the Tavares family including other artists.  Tiny Tavares, with his son and grand-daughter.

The album is an eclectic mix of conscious empowering, uplifting tracks about unity, freedom, love, warmth, intimacy, togetherness, the real power of love with an appreciation of the dynamic essence and richness of life.

Tiny Tavares

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An album which will certainly bring your own humanity into further existence and then BAM you can only transform into the Butterfly you were meant to become.  A fluid range of emotions, this album is a thoughtful bouquet of the essence of life.  Marlow Tavares' song 'Free' were sentiments many of us as women can understand.  A song which embraced the sentiments of coming through and now finally arriving and all the nuances which surround that journey.

Marlow Tavares

Some of my favourite tracks off the album were 'Don't forget to Dance'  the ambience and thread of freedom rang strong through this particular track, enticing me to remember to dance with life more. 'Blank' by Chaz Robinson was another hauntingly powerful track, which silenced me into a space of ascending into myself and beyond myself.  It made me stop.  It made me think and I really felt who I was in that space.

The clip 'Real Love' by Marcus Tavares whose rich voice created an oasis within me in its own profound way, sat my soul still, and I replayed the clip several times.   Day Dreamer by Tiny himself, was a nostalgic message of encouragement to dare to dream and in that wistfulness, dreams do happen.

Each song offered me permission to further explore a richer and deeper aspect of myself and the link with the humanity within me, which in turn offered me the expression of how I then embraced that within my  interaction with others.

Marcus Tavares

Tavares will be performing in the UK November 19th 2018 as Special Guests to the Four Tops and The Temptations

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