Chris Amoo From The Real Thing Pays Tribute to his Late Brother Eddie Amoo

Chris Amoo - talks about the loss of his brother Eddie Amoo in the latest issue of TurningPoint Magazine publish date 8th June 2018.

However in the meantime, it is with great pleasure that he has allowed me to share his re-make of one of their most famous tracks, "Children of The Ghetto".

"What I decided to do was to experiment taking it down in a low voice and taking it in a slightly different direction vocally and that's what we've done.  I would like you to hear it, so I will send you the link and then it will give you a really good idea of the direction the whole thing is going."

Real thing Can't Get by Without You at Rewind Festival, Scone Palace, Perth, 22 & 23rd July, 2017 Picture: Martin Bone 23/07/2017

Excerpt below from TurningPoint Magazine which features interview with Chris Amoo who talks about the loss of his Brother Eddie Amoo in February 2018 and how himself and remaining band member Dave Smith are moving forward.


There are times in everyone’s life when we go through some sort of life changing event.  What and how we choose to experience that is a personal journey.  I have been privileged to interview what I call Old Skool artists.  These are artists from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s who greatly inspired and influenced our lives.  Today many of these artists are still going and for me it’s an honor to get an insight into what they are doing with their lives now, but more profoundly, to hear of some of their challenges and tragedies and how they are able to pick themselves up, to get on stage and perform, with so much happening in the background.  Therefore, it was a real honor to interview Chris Amoo from the Real Thing about life after the loss of his late brother, the dynamo, Eddie Amoo, who died in February this year.  The interview was insightful, full of wisdom and certainly inspired my thinking about how I dealt with life.

Chris:         Chris is the lead singer of ‘the Real Thing.’  We've been together for nearly 40 years; I’m one of the original members of the band.  Eddie, was probably the most important thing in my life; especially from a group and business perspective.  This is all Dave and I have ever known, which is each other.  Dave and I had never experienced another band; we’ve not experienced anything outside of The Real Thing and Eddie’s passing had a profound effect on us.  It's like chopping off your right arm.

Esther:       So, how have you managed Chris?  I know that's probably a silly question.

Chris:         No, it’s not a silly question; it’s a very important question to me.

We could've gone out and brought in another singer and carried on.  The way Dave and I looked at it, we've always been The Real Thing, and we’ve lost two members along the way.  So rather than bring somebody else in because then it's not The Real Thing, no matter which way you want to look at it, we decided to carry on as a duo and take it in a slightly different direction.  So in other words, instead of trying to be a duo who are trying to carry on the tradition of three or four, we decided that we we’re going to take it in a slightly different direction and make it suitable for two.  We can still hold our heads up and say we are the original ‘Real Thing’ minus two members.

Esther:       You said you’ve taken things in a slightly different direction.  What does that direction feel like?  What's the mood of The Real Thing because of that new directions Chris?

Chris:         What we’ve had to do is make it comfortable for Dave and I to perform the songs that Eddie and I wrote for three people.  So if you take ‘Children of the Ghetto’ that was always written with a high voice in mind.  It has been covered by some of the great high vocalists i.e. Philip Bailey from Earth Wind and Fire, Mary J. Blige and not forgetting my brother Eddie, and the original lead vocalist Ray.  What I decided to do was to experiment taking it down in a low voice and taking it in a slightly different direction vocally and that's what we've done.  I would like you to hear it, so I will send you the link and then it will give you a really good idea of the direction the whole thing is going.





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  • rachel
    June 12, 2018 - 10:28 am · Reply

    Thank you Esther and Chris what a real inspirational interview! My heart goes out to you because we ALL feel the force of love and joy for Eddie. Indeed, he was just so unique: not only as a human being but of a performer, writer and producer. Keep going lads and thank you for keeping Eddie’s beautiful memory alive. “Stay close to what you know”. He was a wise man!

    • Esther
      August 7, 2018 - 10:04 pm · Reply

      Dear Rachel. Apologies this response comes to late in the day. I’ve been so busy interviewing other wonderful artists. Thank you for your comments. Yes Eddie was a wise man. I experienced that wisdom when I interviewed him. It was a real joy to talk to him and he certainly left a great mark on me and the lives of many. Thank you

  • Julie & Graham Worthington.
    June 14, 2018 - 7:26 am · Reply

    We have been following the boys all over the country for many years. Proud to have known Eddy and been with the family at his funeral. Their first show after Eddy’s passing in Carlisle was a rollercoaster of raw emotion but seeing chris and Dave perform to the highest level despite what they must have been feeling was an amazing experience and they did themselves proud. Sure the big man would have approved. Great to see the show developing into their own style and there is a renewed energy around.
    Still filling out concert halls and festivals and bringing the force to us all ! Good luck for the future in everything you do

    • Esther
      August 7, 2018 - 8:42 pm · Reply

      Thank you Julie and Graham for your comments. Apologies this comes a little late. Eddie was a fantastic guy and his brother Chris has that same loving authentic energy and Dave too is authentic and down to earth. The Real Thing will be performing at Catford Broadway Theatre in November I believe, so I hope to be there to show my support and to enjoy great music.
      All the best and thank you for your comments. Much appreciated

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