CeCe Peniston on FINALLY Feeling, Fit & Fabulous

Part I  - Mothers Day Interview and International Women's Month



Part 2 - Interview with CeCe about Health and Well-Being and Having fun

CeCe Peniston - an international icon.  As an artist, performer and songwriter, she is considered to be one of the most successful dance/club artists in the history of the US Billboard, Hot Dance Music/Club Play, Charts.  Scored 5 major #1 hits within just three years.

● Her signature Dance hit “Finally” was #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and #2 on the UK Top 75.
● “Finally” is one of the biggest dance records in history
● Sold over 3 million copies worldwide.
Breathe Esther, Breathe - it's CeCe PENISTON.    What a lovely interview had with the delectable, delightful, stunningly gorgeous CeCe Peniston.  We laughed and giggled as one does, throughout the interview.  I have always loved her audacious, up-front, no-nonsense, fun, adventurous, sassy way of operating.  An artist who talks from the heart and who is now going through life maturing nicely, more philosophically and openly and looking absolutely stunning.  In this interview CeCe shares an International Women's Day  message for women all over the world about being bold in who they are and in working on themselves everyday in order to become their best ever version.   She shares about her journey with her own personal health, fitness and well-being....listen, become inspired.
Esther Austin Global is also profiled CeCe in it's International Women's Month Magazine - TurningPoint:Your Lifestyle, Your Well-Being - March 2018.
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