Interview with Trevieno about Music, Life and What Inspires Him

 I first met Trevieno at the beginning of the year, after I had finished a radio show.  He was outside Stratford Shopping Centre in East London with his setup playing a track that captured my attention and fellow co-host at the time, Ejay.

Trevieno has a strong, huge welcoming yet humble energy about him.  He also carries a serious determination in his demeanour and a commitment to promoting his work, a man with an entrepreneurial spirit doing what he needs to do.  I sauntered up to Trevieno impressed by what I was hearing and doing a two step whilst firing questions about ‘WHO WOZ SINGING ON DAT TRACK?’

Trevieno is a music producer who is committed to creating and producing conscious music which speaks into peoples lives and whose lyrics empower people, especially young people to make more conscious decisions and choices about life.  Way ta go, I thought.  I wanted to high five Trevieno, but from where I was standing, all 5 ft 3 of me, looking up at his 6ft 10 frame (well it felt like that as I stood staring up at this power house) I decided otherwise.  I just shook my fists and gave a salute.

Here was a man who represented many of my own value systems i.e promoting music which uplifted and hopefully inspired.  I decided to conduct a brief interview with him there and then.  That interview never surfaced as I got busy.  However, through persistence it has taken almost 6 months for me to finally conduct a fresh interview and get it published.  So  here we go.

Since then Wayne has gone on to publishing another couple of tracks. Here’s his story.

Esther and Trevieno

Wayne, I like to ask my guests, who are you in a nut shell?
I would say that I am a hardworking person who likes to help others.  I would consider myself a peoples’ person and a firm believer in God.  I also like to learn and discover new things and I believe you can always learn something new no matter your age.

How did you get into the music business and what is your role?
I come from a church background.  I was always around music, singing in the choir or listening to my mum sing and my dad play instruments at home.  As a teenager, I used to make music for fun with my cousin but didn’t start taking it seriously until I hit 25 when I got my first management deal but that fell through due to creative differences.  About a year ago I decided to start my own company with encouragement from my mentor Norman Bier.  I was tired of working a 9 to 5 Job so I had no choice but to take that first step into becoming independent.  I named my company Trevieno Music.  Trevieno is my middle name and I thought it had a ring to it.  I am the Founder and Director of Trevieno Music Ltd and since starting the company I have signed two artists, started a clothing line and a shoe line and also an artist management service which also come under the Trevieno Music brand.  My company as it stands has a distribution to over 200 online digital stores worldwide which includes all major digital outlets.  Music from the Trevieno Music label is also played on 15 online and FM Radio Stations both National and International.

Why do you produce the type of music you do?
I make music to inspire and tell my story

Why is it so important to you, as an artist, to be as conscious as possible about what you create and produce?
I believe it’s important to make conscious and positive music because what we listen to effects our thoughts and mood.

Where there any circumstances or events that impacted you, to do what you do now?
Being in a 9 to 5 job made me want to get out and start my own thing

Share a bit more about your latest work?
My newest project is called the ‘Champagne Musical’ which is all about presenting and being your best self, being the best you.  The EP isn’t out yet as it’s a collaborative EP with another artist called Wiserdon.

However, the first single is and it’s called “Suit Tonight.”  My next album which is almost complete will be called Preparation.   I also have a single out now called “My Lady” and there is also a remix version of the same name which is the Summer remix.  There is also another single called “Hold Up” featuring D.2.1 from New York.


Where do you draw your inspiration from?
I get my Inspiration from life, my experiences and things I’ve seen happen around me.

Who are some key individuals in the music industry who you have either modelled yourself on or who have inspired your own type of music?
One of the artists who have really inspired me has to be Marvin Gaye.  I really love his approach to music.  He always tried to do things differently and his voice is second to none.  When he came out with the album “Inner City Blues” he really dug deep to provide you with that musical experience.

What is your philosophy on life?
My philosophy on life is simply to live the best you, live in the now and trust God.

What does Wayne do to relax and how do you have fun?
I enjoy socialising, playing basketball, watching comedians like Richard Pryor, playing video games and spending time with my family.  I also love going to Art Galleries and believe it or not, writing songs!!

Who are some upcoming artists that you are inspired by?
There is an American artist called “6LACK” pronounced “BLACK.”  I just love his intricate and detailed lyrics.  There’s also a group by the name of Rumer with a song titled “Slow.”  The song is simply amazing.  It’s a modern classic and one of those songs that just take you away.


Contact Details:
Instagram: @TrevienoMusic

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