In Converversation with Muddy Waters, Jnr about life, music and London Blues Week January 2019

I had the absolute pleasure, interviewing Mud Morganfield (aka Muddy Waters Jnr)  recently.  A man full of the blues and laughter, and wanting to share the joy of the blues with Thethe world.

As you can hear from the interview his father was  more than a father to Muddy, he was his hero, his legend and his inspiration.

We all know that the blues was birthed from the cultural castration of African American slaves and their pain.  We all know that the blues originated from a depth of soul-less and heart rendering trauma, and yet what came out of it was a collective expression of the voices of the voiceless, an expression of a system that was created to speak a language that only those who sincerely had gone through it, understood.  It was a type of music that unified, gave hope to, allowed expression, allowed the fugitive essence of a people to cry and sing their soul freedom.

The legendary, Muddy Waters, (Snr )was such a man who stood for something more than a blues man.  He represented and stood for the dignification of the African American Slave, the man, the woman, the child and his journey simply defined the rightful recognition to shout, to state  'I AM A MAN.'  And no matter what you do to me, I will rise from the belly of the earth, I will rise because I have the blues.

So therefore, Muddy Water's son, Muddy G Waters, Jnr is a man who has clearly been through his own 'lot ' and yet who recognises that in order to sing the blues,  you've had to have gone through the blues, to have felt that blues inside your heart and soul, where every waking experience became the journey of 'the blues' and where in its very essence and resonance, he became the blues.  Deeeeeeeeeep.  He also recognises paradoxically that it's cathartic,  healing and joyful.

So enjoy this audio interview.  Apologies as there is a bit of crackling, however, the essence of who this man is can be felt throughout.



Six Nights of pure blues in the heart of London 14 – 19 January 2019 at the infamous 100 Club on Oxford Street. Wristbands for the full festival available. Line up includes; Chantel McGregor, Kim Wilson, Sugarray Rayford, Sharrie Williams, Mud Morganfield (aka Muddy Waters Jnr) & many more. Tickets and more information here: