Every Once in a While You Meet an Angel on Earth – Ellie Shares her Story

Every once in a while you meet someone who is so beautiful, that there is never any doubt about their intention but simply that essence of heaven down here on earth.

I was in LA last month to launch my magazine and needed to find somewhere to stay.  I booked an airbnb, thinking it was near to the main hub of LA.  However, an hour into my Uber drive from LA airport, I began to have doubts about anyone ever finding me as the Uber driver meandered into the pits of the mountains, weaving and winding his way along what was sometimes narrow roads.  The rain was pelting down quite heavily at times and visions of being found at the bottom of this valley had started to form in my mind.  I began to calculate how much it would cost me via Uber every time I needed to attend a meeting in town and then back again.  I'd have to forego dinner, I thought.

However, after reaching my destination and being greeted by this beautiful ball of light, named Ellie, I realised the blessing that I had stepped into. The message I found in this home, were to continue to uplift and inspire me on my journey.  I was tired, very tired, yet I was in LA for a reason and I had to keep going.   It no longer mattered about the long trips I would have to take to get into town,  I had been delivered into the very welcoming arms of a beautiful home, filled with authentic souls.  Ellie introduced me to her husband, Omid whose smile simply shone from the heart and later on  I was introduced to their son.  On the walls of their home, where inspirational quotations, on the stairs each step had an inspirational saying.  Everything about this home had been carefully thought about, the furniture, the ornaments all had a sentiment attached to them.  There was so much care and nurturing in everything that was represented in this home.  This home was dotted with anecdotes of peace, of love, with the encouragement to fulfill ones dreams, hopes and desires and the house itself embodied that energy of love and after talking to Ellie, her husband and a friend who had come to visit, I recognised why.  These people had come from a land of war and struggle and dictatorship, they had left everything behind for a better life in another country where they didn't know anyone and now this freedom needed to be represented, expressed and admired.  Omid Sayareh, Ellie's husband was a demure but honest soul with that same smile that bound them together as a family.  He is an Iranian musician composer and Santour player - a traditional Iranian instrument.  He has made dozens of scores for many genres such as for Movies, for a TV series, Orchestral, Traditional, Pop music and many more.  He has been pioneering and experimenting for over 3 decades and he is completely familiar with Middle Eastern music as well.  He has won many awards for music composing in Iran and has been nominated 3 times for the “Hollywood Music in Media Awards.

Over the next few days I enjoyed the most gracious of hospitality and had a taste of their culture.  Friends would come by to greet them, as Ellie's son had recently had an operation on his leg and so their small community of friends would come by in the evening bestowing gifts of food and great conversation on the family as they laughed and shared and dare I say 'fellowshipped' together.  I felt I needed to capture Ellie's story as she always spoke passionately about her journey to America, the land of dreams.  Ellie was from Iran and I caught glimpses of her struggles and dreams in conversation.  So one day, I asked her if I could interview her and I was blown away.  From a war torn country, heart-ache, severe struggle, leaving her family behind  (her husband too)  to manifesting her dream home in the US,  Ellie was a prime example of what believing in ones dreams can do.  From a child Ellie had dared to dream of a better life, a life where freedom offered them hope and here Ellie shares her story.

However, her spirit of trust and truth believing in the Universe and energy and surrendering to that source bigger than her, was the inspiration and driver behind Ellie manifesting her dreams.  Ellie is also very humble, however, I found out that she is also a famous Persian Singer.  Check out this inspiring family further at: www.elhamsong.com

"Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - You're Right."

Henry Ford

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