Women of Purpose Conference and Retreat – St Kitts, April 2018

"Empowered to Nurture, Inspire, Motivate & Transform"
President of Women of Purpose (St Kitts): Cavell  Browne

Conference Topics

Stepping into Your Power: It's and Inside Job - Thursday 26th
Your Story is My Story is Our Story - Friday 27th
Everyone's Child: A Parents' Colloquy - Saturday 28th
21st Century Adam: An Awakening & Enlightenment Retreat - Sunday 29th


Dignitaries at the Conference

International Speakers at the Conference

We are a team who are focussed on changes in the Eastern Caribbean islands.  Our remit is to eliminate poverty amongst women and children.  To decrease domestic violence that plagues women and children.  To increase economic sustainability for women in their communities.  To build and strengthen entrepreneurship with women.

"The Women of Purpose-SKN Foundation is a non-governmental organization established in February 2018 to promote and facilitate the advancement of women in our beloved Federation.

Our Mission is to empower and enhance the welfare of women and vulnerable youths through training, counseling mentoring and coaching, while contributing to the social and economic advancement of all.
Our objective is to unite women across St. Kitts and Nevis and the wider Caribbean in order to bring positive change.
Membership in The WOP-SKN is targeted towards Organizations, Groups or Associations based in St. Kitts & Nevis and the Caribbean that use the influence of empowerment and philanthropy to effect positive change. The WOP-SKN Membership is in line with our Mission Statement and will support and bring groups together to source solutions to some of the most critical challenges facing women and girls."  https://www.facebook.com/womenofpurposeskn/
mail: womenofpurposeskn@gmail.com

I had the pleasure of being asked to speak at The Women of Purpose inaugural Conference last week. I was introduced to Dr Marlyn Morris to be a speaker by Dr Sheila Moses two incredibly powerful women who work a lot with government agencies, the UN etc.  The Conference turned out to be ash incredibly informative and powerful conference supporting shifts in mind-sets and mentality about how individuals could better empower their lives as a whole.  On the panel where a stellar line up of women from across the globe who came from various disciplines and walks of life.

Excerpt from Esther Austin's Talk - Video Links:




Dr Sheila Moses offered a wealth of information about economic development and sustainability, backed by research and statistics.   She galvanised the audience with her constant call to action and accountability for that change to happen, imploring individuals to make contact with government officials and other establishments in order for sustainable change to happen and for a long-term movement to be developed and created for this continuum.  I loved her professional, authoritative style of delivery which was playfully injected with 'American/Antiguan' innuendos.


Dr Marlyn Morris delivered animated, power-packed talks offering strategies for the transformation, nurturing and socialisation of boys,  youth, women and families.  She provided quotes and statistics along with experiential evidence from her work as an Educator, Mentor, Coach and from her work as a member of the UN-Women-Caribbean-Select pool of expert trainers and researchers on prevalence of Domestic Violence against women and girls.


As soon as The Hon. Bishop Maria Alice Douglas-Jacob, the spiritual mother of the conference, took to the podium she became an animated ball of energy, driven by her passion and commitment to God.  With a unique inspired preaching style, she often managed to whip the crowd into a frenzy of 'halleujahs and amens' as they related to her biblical teaching on women's empowerment.  She also galvanised laughter as she shared some 'girly' advice to whet our appetite.   Full of passion for God, to inspire lives and to empower individuals with a knowledge of purpose, Bishop Alice's ministry is one that touched the soul and reminded everyone about the power of living a God-filled inspired life, of obedience and authenticity and abundance.


'The Judge," Natalia Bevans, as she was fondly called delivered a heart-felt, and touching series of talks which were impassioned with details and statistics about her role as a judge who dealt with domestic violence and abuse. Her talk often had the audience on the brink of tears.  For talks such as these it was easy to see why Natalia wanted to deliver her talk not on the podium, but down in the belly of the audience.  She knew that this type of connectivity would be crucial as she shared some rather stunning and horrific stats about domestic violence and abuse.  The audience listened attentively as she urged them to stay alert and to become aware of what was going on around them, urging individuals to look out for one another as cases of domestic violence and abuse were on the increase.


Excerpts from Talk - Video Links:



Dignitaries and Founders of Women of Purpose 

Videoed Interviews with women from The Conference about their experience of Abuse:

Esther interviews Anesta Nisbett:

Esther interviews Paulet Nicholls and Petra McShenee: