EAG September 2018 Newsletter – Dreams Do Come True, So Dream Big

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It has been almost three months since I've connected with you all.  That is such a no, no.  However, it has also shown me how fast life moves when you're having fun or in the midst of making life happen. It has also prodded me to think more carefully about being 'in the present moment'...hmmmmm!

On that note, I feel I must issue you all with an apology for my absence and to make up for this I have some rather thrilling news to share with you.  No rolling of the eyes now.  This will not be one of those long essayed newsletters.....

My passion is to reach out and inspire lives through the work I do.  One of the ways I aim to inspire you is by the stories of  individuals I interview and connect with.  I have been provided with the most amazing opportunities to interview Old Skool Classic artists.  This is not about 'look at me, I'm with a celebrity' because for me, personally, that is coming from an egotistical place.  The reason why I am passionate about interviewing these legends is because I want to honor, acknowledge and record their voices.  They are legends who have greatly inspired and influenced us all in some way and who have given so much of themselves and created so much value in our lives.

Legends of wisdom who place value  in serving humanity with their skills and gifts but also the nuggets of gold of information they share that can support each of us with our own journey.  Ordinary people who have chosen to become extra-ordinary.  The beauty is that their words of encouragement, their authenticity is what has empowered me, personally to keep going.  I then feel compelled to share this with you, in the hope that  you will be empowered to excel in your life and not stay stuck in a world of victimised self talk, or what others may be project onto you, and that you will pick yourself up and aim for the moon and the stars.   The journeys of these artists have often been painful and yet they made it through.

TurningPoint: Your Life-style, Your Well-Being:  The theme for September's issue is 'Champions of Change.'  I felt this would be a rather apt title considering how much change is going on around me.  Change happens all the time.  We are in a constant flux of transitioning yet sometimes we fight against this.  Maybe this is because we fear the unknown, or that we are simply not ready to face the outcome of those changes.  Whichever way, I believe change is a good thing.  So I decided about a month ago to take a leap of faith and head to the USA, where I was encouraged that my work and presence would be more readily accepted and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.  With this decision came many challenges and yet so much incredible support.  Support from people who were not scared to support me with building out on my vision.  Support from people who were not about competing and pulling down but about building up and partnerships.

In the next issue you can look forward to an interview with an incredibly powerful and talented House artist Inaya Day an American singer, who performed at the Jersey Pride Festival last month.  Then there are two exclusives one with John Wilson from Sly, Slick and Wicked who were inducted into the RnB Hall of Fame. The next with Gregg Austin who based in Las Vegas who hosts a weekly show in Vegas called Gregg Austin's M Town & more starring with Second Wind's Motown Music Tribute.  Greg was recently awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award.  Then there is Gwen Rose from the UK who was nominated with a Windrush Award last month and Karen Burke, an author and businesswoman whose wisdom needed to be shared about making change, about becoming successful and the attributes it takes.  All these individuals have been through so much and I wanted to know, what was it that allowed them to pursue, to go after, to create, to succeed.  There is much more content to share..so keep checking the below link for date of publication.

You can view previous issues of magazine here: http://estheraustinglobal.com/turningpoint-magazine-your-lifestyle-your-well-being/



Lamont McLemore from The 5th Dimension:  He was a founding member of The 5th Dimension, a popular vocal group of the late 1960s and early 1970s.  Remember tracks like: Up, Up and Away, Never my Love, Aquarius, Let the Sunshine in.  Lamont is such an authentic individual full of laughter and jokes.  Did you know he also has his own joke book out called 'Everyone Loves a Good Dirty Joke.'  He is an artist who is greatly respected amongst his peers. What I learned from this interview is the importance of injecting humour into life but also that of authenticity and respect and always coming from a place of humility.   I felt privileged to have been allowed into his home to take pictures of all his accolades and awards. Integrity and trust are two commodities that will take anyone far.

"From Hobo Flats to The 5th Dimension: A Life Fulfilled in Baseball, Photography and Music" gives a great insight into  Lamont's Life.

Video Interview with Lamont McLemore:


Sonny Turner from The Platters and Lamont McLemore from The 5th Dimension

Sonny Turner from The Platters (with Lamont McLemore): Sonny is an American singer best known for replacing Tony Williams as lead singer of the Platters in 1959.   I had the privilege of conducting an interview with another legend.  Initially I was going to interview Sonny but then both Lamont and himself got talking as they waited for me to set up.  On listening to their conversation I realised this was a great historical moment and opportunity to capture two great artists who were sharing about their lives and experiences and doing a lot of name dropping and I knew I just had to start the interview with them both... Ray Charles,  Stevie Wonder, James Brown, etc.   I had the privilege of taking pictures inside his home of many of the artists he had worked with or knew along with all the awards and accolades he had been granted.   I was inspired by the respect each of these artists had for each other and how they supported and had each other's backs.  I asked Sonny for a rendition and his voice is still as powerful and unique as it was back in the day.

Full version  available shortly under the Esther Austin Global's VIP Subscription Page


Gerald Alston from The Manhattans: Gerald is an RnB artist and remaining original lead singer of the Manhattans.  He joined the Manhattans in 1970, shortly after the death of their former lead singer George Smith.  He is also a solo artist with some new music out.   So on a rather hot day in New York,  it took me 2 hours and 30 minutes to get to Gerald because there were a series of challenges in getting across town to interview him.  However, with true grit and determination, I  showed up because I knew there would be such value from this interview and I was not wrong. Below is an excerpt from the main interview.


Gregg Austin:  Producer, director and entertainer is based in Las Vegas.  Gregg hosts 'Gregg Austin's M Town and More' on a Tuesday night at South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas 'starring Second Winds Motown Music Tribute' and a show at the Texas Station Hotel and Casino on a Friday night.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Gregg who had such an inspiring story to tell about how he got to where he is.  A celebrity legend in his own right, Gregg shares here about the power of persistence and belief.  Gregg has also recently been award a Lifetime Achievement Award.




So ladies and gents.  Many of you may be wondering how can I discover my passion and purpose?  How do can I move forward in my life?  Is it too late to work towards my dreams?  You may be emotionally and physically tired with life.  I have news for you.  It may not be easy but it's certainly possible to start your journey towards your own personal freedom and success and to focus on your purpose and follow your dreams.  They say the graveyard is a very rich place, full of people's hopes and dreams.  Don't let your dream die in that place.

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Become the change you wish to see in YOUR world.  With the right support YOU too can become the best version of yourself.  Become extra-ordinary.  Like the artists I interview, they chose to become the best version of themselves and so can you.  We often look at artists, celebrities in awe.  But I'd like to remind you they are ordinary people doing extra-ordinary things, because they choose to.

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Time to Dance with Life Again.

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On that note a huge thank you for being here.  Wishing you all the greatest success in life always.

Much love

Esther Austin
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