"I have been following Esther Austin on Facebook for quite some time now, her energy and spirit resonates with me in a way where I feel safe, nurtured, and visible. I recently started to join in her Facebook live conversations, she has a presence about her that is truly contagious-she takes the time to acknowledge and thank everyone for being there!I was especially delighted when she offered her reading and thought; she would be the perfect person to help me figure out some questions that have been following me-I knew that with her I would find some clarity and direction. While on our video conference, she did just that-she made sure she was present and for the first time in a long time, I felt that someone was looking into my soul and not through me. She reminded me of who I am and the importance of taking care of myself-that everything else would fall into place.

Her reading was precise! I woke up the next day feeling light within my spirit, I am truly grateful to have connected with Esther. I plan on continuing to participate in her Facebook lives and looking forward to more readings in the future!  Book her services today, you are worth it. May 2017!"Lucy


"I had my first Intuitive Reading with Esther back in 2014. I was blown away by her accurateness, boldness and gentle nature. She has an amazing gift and is a very light hearted spirited being. I have since gone on to have many more readings which have left such an impact on my life.

One of the reasons why I love Esther is that she is very frank and may not always tell you what you want to hear, but she always offers clarity, guidance and support to deal with any difficult situations that may arise. Having a reading with Esther is like spending time with a friend. She just 'gets you.'
Esther is just a ball of radiant joy and it is a pleasure to be in her company. In my opinion purchasing a service from Esther is money well spent. May 2017 !"Annette


"I met Esther and was enamoured with her straight away. I mentioned that I was having trouble losing weight and we made an appointment for her to come to my house to do a reading. She came, she saw, she conquered! She was a competent, eager, enchanting and enthusiastic person who obviously enjoys doing what she does. She really knows her stuff and I was dumbfounded at times by the information she gave me. I would definitely use her again. My favourite part of the meeting was when she carried some reiki on me - I was totally out of it for a while which was nice. I never take time out to relax and meditate and that is something that is lacking in my life. I was sad when she left but happy too. She made me feel much better about myself and that afternoon I went and had a manicure and a pedicure! It felt great to take time out for me! Thanks Esther!"Avril


Your words are full of light and wisdom. I am impressed but at the same time I knew you were a true light worker. Everything resonated with me and my current life situation. The only thing was about my siblings. I only have 1 brother. And yes, he's super tall and facing some challenges in his life. However I feel that you might have connected either with a very close girlfriend of mine or with my husband's sister. I am definitely working on those emotions and you are completely right. I am not sure how to feel them or tap into what I need to do to let go. I know there is pain and now I can see more clearly where I need to go. The fear is moving away from me but still....I feel there is something unresolved inside me."[/blockquote]

"I just wanted to say a quick thank you for the reading. Last night (23/10/14) during the reading the cyst on my bottom was very prominent and irritable causing a great deal of discomfort. By this morning, gone with only the scar remained. It could not have gone that soon without your intervention. I know this because I've had it since Jan this year. Once again thank you. Enjoy your day and keep on spreading your gift."Annette

"After my reading from you, I had an appointment with my consultant. The outcome was they had seen a growth on my liver. I had a procedure on Thursday for a biopsy to be taken of it, which I will not have any results until 2 weeks. Your reading enabled me to move forward with positive decisions in my life and since then l was able to dismiss all that I had within me, not taking on board of what l felt or effects of one human being. Thank you so much."Cynthia

"Ben is feeling much more relaxed he says you have took a lot of deep stress away, he's very thankful! And has he was very unsure with what you did he has been so inspired and looks at life in such a different light so much happier and has made some amazing changes since his reading. I can't thank you enough for everything you have done! Still trying to process everything! Mum who looks after shamus while I am back in Banbury has seen a huge difference in Shamus and says he seems so much more comfortable with his body. So I can not wait for you to come again : ) !! You have such a way with horses, how you approach and touch them is so correct it's like you have always been round horses! I went to see Shamus tonight he is better on his knee and he's got much brighter eyes. He's eyes really look happier. I am starting to feel that shamus and my mum are so alike in hiding so much and having a brick wall up, do you think it will help mum when shamus lets us in?"Sam, horse healing

"I just had an incredible reading from Esther Austin. I couldn't recommend her more! It was a truly amazing experience!"Samantha

"Esther- you are so so special! Your gift is just mind-blowing! I'm about to go and teach a lesson and you have me here filling up. I need to compose myself and quick! Thank you for telling me that Esther- I knew Cassianne was a short visitor here but found comfort in knowing she was at peace so thank you. As for Caison- he is MUCH happier. I love him so much- I took your advice with the music and obviously you were 100% right as he is singing and smiling everyday now. Its amazing. I just so full of THANKS! I would love to help you in any way I can for all you have done for me."Sasha

"I wish to thank, testify, and recommend Esther Austin for her great work. I recently met her in St Lucia and had a fantastic healing session with her. My psychic abilities laid dormant for quite some time and after her session everything came back to me. Now am light as a feather, free as a bird. Cheers Esther! Love, kisses, hugs and blessings to you for a wonderful work that you doing. Keep doing it my sister!"Denise, St. Lucia

"I just want to thank you for the wonderful reading that you did for me from the first day I met you. I had never met you before and walking into the Radio studio that day I was introduced to you and I shook your hand and asked you what do you feel.as you hold my hand. You started saying to me things that was going on in my life and very personal things that no one knew about. Right away I knew that you were genuine and that you were truly Blessed. You continued to do my reading over SKYPE, this time a few days later, and this time you being so far away from me, and again you were so accurate in what you were telling me about my life and what was happening to me at the time and also what you saw in the near future. This has really helped me to confirm what I have been led by God to do, it was total confirmation. Thank you for helping and caring also."Jackie Cherebin-Weekes, St Lucia

"Dearest Esther, thank you so much for the healing session of the other day. I immediately felt so much more energetic but I had some blue moments the day after. You reassured me with you warmth and kindness and you even helped me further than the session itself. I loved the way you put your heart and soul in what you do. I will always thank you for having the opportunity to come across your path. Much love."Natascia

"SiStar Esther Austin : Thank you so very much for time, love & care shared recently. Our introduction was serendipitous as I joined others with Dr Kathleen Walls broadcast a few weeks ago when you were a guest and receiving call-ins for 'on the spot' intuitive readings... we've since had our first virtual call which left me feeling full, expanded, fortified and clearer. Your gift/calling is truly a Blessing. Albeit by Skype (voice only), your warmth, authenticity, and humility resonated throughout our chat. I feel like I've have another Soul Sisterfriend who is out there, doing essential and profound wonder-work, bringing us closer and more realized to our greatest selves. Ase, Ase, Ase!"Regina

"Esther you truly are amazing! I feel like a new woman since my treatment with you, feeling so much more positive now and can finally look forward to my new journey... Can't thank you enough, will book in again with you soon!"Kelz

"I had the honor of having a brief intuitive reading w/Holistic intuitive healer Esther Austin on my show on 2/4/14. Well, my reading and the others that she did that night were so Amazing that I scheduled a full reading a week later! So how was it? Incredible!!! The hour reading consisted of insights, revelation, and confirmation. Esther spoke about things that only I knew or those close to me wou...ld know. The other incredible part is...she is in the UK! So this was done via Skype w/no visual. Following the reading, I continued to gain insight and direction on certain aspects of my life. As someone who seeks clarity, understanding, and increased self-awareness, my experience with Esther was truly a gift to me! Be sure to check her out!"Dr Kathleen Walls, USA

"As president of Sisters in Harmony, I want to thank Sister Austin for taking the time and sharing her gift (By offering readings) with our listeners. When GOD gives such a powerful gift, you have to humble yourself and use it to uplift the people who need to be uplifted. Sister Austin is doing just that, I say ASHE to a wonderful Queen who has touched so many by just being herself. May your walk always be bless, light and bountiful as you move to help where you are taken by spirit."TUA Baba Ed Umoja Herman, President of Sisters in Harmony

"Can I just say you are simply an extraordinary reader - what you wrote in response to my question is true in both what I sense (about that man) and what I know, e.g. partly about myself. I'm so glad and grateful to you that you helped me to sort out my self a little more - you put into words some aspects of my personality I had problems to name to see things more clear - and now all things have just fallen into place. You are truly gifted, but you know this already. Thank you so much!"Anna

"I had my reading done with Esther at the Yoga Show at Olympia last month and I must say that she literally said things that would be impossible for her to know. She didn't know anything about me, and her reading was spot on. I was gobsmacked with how much precision she could see my regarding past, present and future plans and to predict things that no-one knew about, other than myself and my close ones."Tias

"My reading with Esther was spot on as to the events in my life at that moment. It was very clear and concise and included information that could not have possibly be known by Esther. The reading has been a guide on the way I have moved forward and has enabled me to focus on key aspects of my life. I fully recommend Esther’s readings to anyone who needs that little push or confirmation. I have had my second reading now and a third is in the diary! Thank you so much Esther."Adrian

"Before working with Esther, I was feeling confused and unclear about my life and my decisions. During the session, I was able to let go and gain the much needed clarity and insight I was looking for. After the session, I felt relaxed and much freer than I have since earlier in the year when my over 12 year relationship came to an end! Esther does really powerful work that can help you to get back in touch with yourself and get clear with whatever it is that is bothering you, in a totally relaxing and amazing way!"Mary Jane

"Thank you for the reading. Believe it or not, you were spot-on in several areas, including how I part my hair! I will definitely be returning for additional guidance (it might be sooner than later....!)."Shirley G

"The reading I received was remarkably spot-on and quite detailed. The multi-page guidance I received was couched in positive and kind words. Definitely worth it and I highly recommend this lady to everyone who seeks light and truth! A+ !"Gordon

"Esther's reading was very detailed and accurate about a lot of things. Highly recommended."Lisa

"At first I was a little skeptical even though Esther came highly recommended. I was at a very confused state and feeling a little lost before I had a telephone reading with Esther. From the beginning she made me feel very relaxed and comfortable talking about my issues. I was so surprised that someone I had never met before could know so much about me, how I was feeling and what I was going through in my life. I came away feeling that I had a lot of the questions and fears that were going on with me answered. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is having problems and need answers to those life questions that hold us back."David A.

"I am truly thankful for my most pressing concerns have been answered. It was amazing to hear how Esther described my relatives and friends who have passed and also she highted Health Problem areas which I am currently being treated for. Sometimes you pray and you get no answers. I have been living in a spiral stairway up and down doing the same old same old for years. The reading confirmed the changes that I am making to my life's patterns and that they are on course and will assist me in the direction of a smoother path ahead. Thank you for your direct talking that I was able to relate to. I needed to hear this - I am ready as I make steps to live a more balanced life and get off the spiral pattern to a more Happier state of mind. Once death distorts your thinking it can really mess you up and I've had a few deaths this year. I needed to hear everything I was told. I can recommed her to all whom need some help Physically, Spiritually and Emotionally so give her a try. I have saved her contacts as I will need help again. I'm just like any other single parent who is fighting to Look after my own needs. It's hard to know where to start when you have put others ahead of your own life."Jennifer

"I met Esther Austin, quite by chance, at the 2014 St. Lucia Jazz Festival and was immediately astounded by her calm and graceful presence. It's not often that I meet people, especially women, who carry real empathy and honour within their spirits. Esther was one of those. We immediately struck up a conversation around the music festival we were both attending but realized we had a lot more spiritually in common. I was happy, moved and fascinated, but, little did I know, the fascination had just begun. I say so because, being in a position where I rarely meet genuinely happy, progressive and empathetic people, I was properly pleased to just talk to her. I felt blessed by just that. Then, she started telling me about her talent; her gift. Her ability to "feel" or "see" a person's truth without them having to say or explain much to her. This intrigued me, and I realized that we would not be able to conduct a constructive, holistic conversation in the arena we were in. Since I work as a Radio Personality, we quickly set up a plan to conduct a radio interview for later in the week. As a testament to Esther's calm beauty and understanding, she found herself at the radio station with little help and proceeded to impress our listeners so much, that she received calls from women who wanted, nay; needed her to read them before she returned to England. Women continued to call me to help set up appointments for them in the couple days that Esther had left on our lovely island. It was extra-ordinary to watch and to be a part of. Esther spread herself very thin over those last two days; finding locations to meet these women, even opening her personal hotel room to those who didn't have another choice. I, also, was able to receive and brief reading from Esther following my radio interview with her. At the time, we were so busy receiving calls and arranging meetings with interested women, that my reading was heavily interrupted. Of course, Esther promised to give me a proper reading as soon as we meet again; something I look earnestly toward. After her flight back home to England, Esther, generously, offered her insight a few days later on our radio talk show, 'Reflections of the Heart' - a show by women and for women . She was a critical piece in that particular show, as her ability to clearly speak to what holds women and all people back was instrumental. We have busy lives but we have managed to stay in touch and keep that spirit alive, so to speak. I value her as an intuitive, a sensitive and a remarkable woman."Natalie La Porte