About Esther

Transforming, Empowering and Healing Lives

Mission Statement 
Esther Austin Global is committed to providing
 a range of products and services which create change; transforming mindsets and lives.


 "Its not easy but it's certainly possible" to change your life around. 

Esther is an Activist and mouth-piece for change.    A fireball of inspirational energy.  She has won several awards in her lifetime.  She is a Skillset Millennium Award Winner, A Barclays Trading Place Award Winner 2005 and a BeMogul Award for being one of the Most Influential UK Black British Entrepreneurs 2016. 


Become the Change you Want to See in the World: Ghandi




Freelance Journalist,  Empowerment Speaker, Magazine Publisher and Editor,  gifted International Intuitive Healer and Transformational Intuitive Coach